If you’ve been holding out from getting an Android tablet for the past couple of years because you’re looking for a “Nexus”-style tablet to make an appearance, you might not have to wait too long now. According to reports online, Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, was said to have told an Italian Newspaper that Google has plans to sell a a tablet “in the next six months” that would be “of the highest quality.”

There was no mention of who the hardware partner would be this time around, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be Samsung, seeing how much they’ve been working together recently. The tablet should be running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich (or whatever the latest version of Android is when it goes on sale), and provide users with a “Nexus”-style experience: this means updates on time, no bloatware on the tablet, and the pure Google-experience. Well, if reports turn out to be true, we shouldn’t have to wait too long to see a new tablet from Google; perhaps an announcement at CES or MWC next year? Stay tuned.

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