Jawbone, the manufacturer of high end Bluetooth headsets and is most famous for their bone-conduction technology, recently rolled out the Up health wristband that will play nice with your iOS device, as it goes about tracking your daily activity, sleep patterns, and even eating habits so that you will be healthier in the long run – that is the plan, anyways. Unfortunately, the Jawbone Up has run into battery problems as well as synchronization issues, leading to Jawbone issuing an unreserved apology and will be offering broad refunds, no questions asked.

The issues plaguing the Jawbone Up seem to be so serious that Jawbone themselves have issued a production halt order until all the problems are fixed. It seems as though the capacitor malfunction has resulted in the battery being unable to hold a full charge, and select units are unable to synchronize properly due to a harware issue.

Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman’s statement reads, “While many of you continue to enjoy the Up experience, we know that some of you have experienced issues with your Up band. Given our commitment to delivering the highest quality products, this is unacceptable and you have our deepest apologies.”

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