Ice Cream Sandwich battery usageWhile it was reported that the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Nexus S started rolling out in certain parts of the world last week, it looks like the update is going to be delayed for the rest of us who haven’t received it yet. According to reports online, the Ice Cream Sandwich update has some serious issues – users have been reporting abnormal battery drain and high spikes of CPU usage. It’s not clear what the cause of the problem is, but it looks like Google is aware of the issue and has stopped pushing out the update, presumably to work on a fix.

No word on when Google will get to the bottom of the issue, but we hope it’s sooner than later. Any of you received the update and have been experiencing abnormal battery drainage? For those of you who haven’t received the update yet, you had best stick with Gingerbread until the problem has been rectified. After all there’s no point of having Ice Cream Sandwich on your phone if it can’t even stay alive for half the day.

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