PlayStation VitaIf you’re annoyed about having to purchase Sony’s proprietary memory cards for the PlayStation Vita you’re going to be even more annoyed if you choose to purchase games using different regional accounts: it has been confirmed that each memory card can only be tied to one online account. So this means that one Vita will be able to handle multiple accounts – just that if you plan to use a different account, you’ll have to use a different memory card.

So if you plan to purchase games from multiple regions – be prepared to invest in extra memory cards. Sure, you can change the current account that’s on the memory card – but you’ll need to run it through a factory reset first. Ouch. I guess for now, the best thing we can hope for is for game publishers to ensure that their games are released worldwide, to prevent this expensive inconvenience. Despite the machine’s powerful specs and solid line up of games, these little quirks of the PlayStation Vita could spell a deal breaker for some people. What do you think of this one card-one account policy?

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