The PlayStation Vita might be one hot ticket item this coming holiday season, especially for those who want to see what the next generation of portable handheld consoles are capable of. The Nintendo 3DS and Sony PSP have certainly aged well (more so for the latter and not the former), but what will the future bring? After all, consoles are not like computers where you will be able to upgrade different bits and pieces of the device from time to time – whatever hardware the manufacturer decides to throw inside should last for at least 5 years thereabouts, otherwise it would be nuts to ask the consumer to fork out a few hundred dollars every couple of years just to get their gaming gig going on. The good people over at PocketNews have managed to secure a PlayStation Vita for themselves, opening it up and revealing all the innards of the device over the weekend. What do you think of the PlayStation Vita in all of its naked glory?

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