While we know that just about any and every electronics device are being manufactured in China these days for the obvious reasons of the place being super cheap in comparison with the other parts of the world, the very same country is also notorious for rolling out cloned devices – case in point, the PS Vita which has yet to be released in many parts of the world, has already received a clone. Known as the Yinlips YDPG18, this will be an Android-powered device, where it will ship with a gravity sensor, two cameras to keep up with the times (for the sakes of it, I presume), a generous LCD display, 1080p support, and a front touchscreen display.


Instead of where the PS Vita’s right thumbstick ought to be, there will instead lie Select and Start buttons. You will find the lack of a touch panel at the back – can’t expect too much, really, considering how this is a clone in the first place, but it does try to emulate the PSP by offering a similarly styled circle, albeit with the word “Yinlips” emblazoned across.

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