Satellite ChairIf you hate the sight of unsightly satellite dishes, but you still want to enjoy your favorite shows on satellite TV, Sat+ has the solution for you. The company recently released the Satellite Chair – a satellite dish that’s designed in the shape of a chair. Say goodbye to ugly white dishes outside your balcony, and say hello to patio furniture.


The Satellite Chair is touted to provide the same level of reception as a 24″ dish and can even be used as a regular chair with the addition of a removable cushion installed. But since sitting on the chair with your body pressed against the backrest will hinder its reception, it is best used as a chair when you’re not planning to watch TV.

Unfortunately it looks like the Satellite Chair is only available in Europe for now, but here’s to hoping it makes its way over to the US. The Satellite Chair will set you back £219.95 ($346).

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