There is nothing quite like the frustrating feeling of sinking your rear end down on an invitingly soft sofa, only to realize that someone had just got up from that spot, leaving an uncomfortable and warm ‘experience’ envelop you instead. Well, perhaps the introduction of thermosensitive pillows might see the end to such frustrations, changing color from black to green/blue, red to violet and burgundy to purple. Of course, those who are suspicious of their other half in a relationship might just make a spot check at home, and seeing two different pairs of hands or legs on the pillows even though there is supposed to be only one person at that point in time might just be the smoking gun you have been looking for. Make sure your name is Jack, as you end up nimble and quick, considering that within a minute, the change in color due to body heat will wear off. Definitely not the cheapest pillows at all, where $150 will net you a snakeskin/lambskin pillow.

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