Truth is stranger than fiction at times, but fiction does inspire the present to create something for the future as well. Case in point, the triangle-shaped tablet that was spotted on NBC’s “The Office” proved to be a rather interesting device in the show, and it certainly got tongues wagging after that episode. While ordinary folk talked about it, Eric Calisto decided that action is louder than words, so he has set out to make an attempt to build one instead. In an e-mail interview, Calisto mentioned, “Tablets are interesting to me. I enjoy building things, and I love ‘The Office.’ Why not combine the three?”


Having said that, Calisto decided to leverage the power of Kickstarter, launching a project so that those who believe in him and his idea will be able to generate the necessary funds to develop said triangular tablet. He needs approximately $25,000 to churn out a limited nnumber of tablets, but do you think this kind of form factor is going to actually sell? It really is an unorthodox form factor, and good luck trying to program games and apps on such a display.

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