Sony executives must be feeling the heat after hacker group Anonymous declared that they might just have a look at Sony’s servers to see if everything is up to par, probing for any defences that are ancient while looking out for weak links that they can exploit, no thanks to Sony’s declaration of support of SOPA. SC Magazine reports that and the Sony Music store are the intended targets – I guess as long as they do not mess around with the PSN network, then the furore or outrage would not be that much, either. According to ‘hacktivists’ from the Anonymous Collective, they aim to load Sony’s homepage with BitTorrent files, as a slap in the face to SOPA considering this is the exact kind of Internet content that SOPA intends to shut down, while defacing the executive bios who are currently depicted on the corporate site. Not only that, there might just be added cheekiness to the whole issue through the removal of pricing details for all the store’s contents, effectively making everything inside available to the masses for free. We do know that Wikipedia will be going dark tomorrow though in their march against SOPA. Which side are you on?

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