[CES 2012] PrimeSense, the folks behind the Xbox 360’s Kinect, must have figured out a Blue Ocean strategy and decided to expand the motion control market for video games by teaming up with Asus, releasing the Wavi Xtion at CES this year in the process. To summarize, the Xtion is actually the sum of a few parts, sporting a PrimeSense 3D depth camera that was specially developed for PC use, and can hook up to a an Asus Wavi box. Having done that, it will wirelessly stream data to your computer over a 5GHz band.

Asus is keeping their fingers crossed that they might eventually attract the attention of heavyweight developers to the Xtion, and might even allow one to download apps from the Xtion online store. Only time will tell whether the Asus Xtion is a success, moderate device, or failure on the scale of the Virtual Boy from Nintendo, so keep your fingers crossed. A commercial release might see the light of day sometime in Q2 this year. What do you think – is it a worthy Kinect competitor?

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