I know that consoles are supposed to last for a decade or so, considering how the first couple of years in the market can be quite rough as developers figure out the best way to leverage whatever hardware that is presented to them, not to mention many people still being stuck with previous generation machines. Well, the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 have been around for quite some time already, but are still shy of a 10th birthday, but that has not stopped rumors from circulating that successors to both machines will be on parade at E3 later this year. It seems as though the LA show tease will arrive in order to be a wet blanket and gatecrash Nintendo’s Wii U launch party, just to make sure parity is retained among the fierce competitors. If this happens, it will also be the first time in history of the show’s 17 years that a trio of new, rival console formats can be compared directly. Just what do you think Microsoft and Sony have in store for the masses, and will stereoscopic 3D be part of their plans?

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