There is one thing about traveling in a hybrid car – just how stable is the battery in the event of an accident, and will it actually go “Ka-Boom!” just like in the movies whenever Murphy decides to strike? General Motors wants to quell those fears by announcing that they will be reinforcing the steel structure and liquid cooling system which surrounds the battery of its Chevrolet Volt, and hopefully this is enough to eliminate concerns about the vehicle actually catching fire in the event of a severe crash. Right now, the Volt relies on a 400-pound battery which relies on lithium-ion cells to store energy, and General Motor’s officials have been sharing their plans with the federal safety regulators since November, and are brimming with optimism that this action would lead to a satisfactory nod where containing fire risks are concerned. What do you think – has General Motors done enough, or do you still prefer to ride in a standard gasoline-powered vehicle?

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