Can you will a cursor to move across the screen? Sure, using a mouse is pretty standard issue, but what happens when you have an overactive imagination and figured out that as part of the Green Lantern Corp., you definitely can will the cursor to dance all over the screen during your presentation? This is where the Genius Ring Presenter comes in handy – this is a ring-style touch cursor controller that delivers complete, unfettered access and control of PowerPoint slides, websites, and documents right from the tip of your finger.

Want to make sure your audience know which spot on the map you are talking about exactly? That’s not an issue with the integrated laser pointer, where the lightweight design is capable of fitting in comfortably on your fingers without making it feel as though you are going to the gym. Inside lies a rechargeable li-ion battery, as the laser pointer has not evolved to a point where it will run on unicorn hair or spells. Choose from black, silver, blue, gold, pink, purple and green colors, the Genius Ring Presenter can be yours for $69.99.

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