intel-overclocking-headerIntel has just announced a Tuning Protection Plan for its K-series processors (CPUs), As you may know, Intel is selling a number of processors that are “unlocked” (the K-series), which means that the CPUs can go (way) beyond their original specifications. This is called “overclocking”. Of course, there is always a possibility that an overzealous overclocker could fry a chip by pushing it too far, without proper thermal controls. Although Intel chips are usually capable of shutting themselves down if needed, the possibility of disaster is real.The Intel Performance Tuning Protection is basically a replacement insurance that extends the original warranty to cover overclocking, which is normally considered to be an “out of warranty” practice. Under this plan, if a CPU was to fail following an overclocking attempt, Intel would replace the chip with a similar one. So far, the following CPUs are covered (premiums in parenthesis): 2500K ($20), 2600K ($25), 2700K ($25), 3930K ($35), 3960K ($35).


I have personally never seen a CPU fail following an overclocking attempt, but maybe I haven’t pushed them far enough… In any case, now you know that this is out there. Don’t forget to read the fine prints.

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