Are you an adrenaline junkie? If you have answered “Yes” to this particular question in a resounding manner, don’t you wish that you had some way of reliving the adventure from your perspective, and words fail you if you try to describe it to your friends over at the dining table? That can soon be a thing of the past, especially when you enlist the help of external influences such as the iON Action Pro camcorder. This new wireless action camera will arrive in the UK this spring, and it was paraded at the recently concluded CES 2102. Capable of shooting video in high definition resolution, you can share your handiwork (and showing the rest of the world just how devil-may-care you are) with the rest of the world over a social network if you so desire.

Apart from being shock-proof to a certain degree, the iON Action Pro is also waterproof, so the next time you head out to the rapids for some whitewater rafting, the iON Action Pro would make for a suitable companion, and it will not cramp your style either since there is no need for any outer case. Tipping the scales at a mere 123g, this is one of the lightest action cameras on the market, and will retail for £199.99 a pop when it arrives across the pond this March.

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