Kim Dotcom is most certainly a name that many have heard of. In case you’re not familiar, Kim Dotcom is the founder/owner of filesharing/storage website, Megaupload, whose servers were raided by the authorities awhile back. His home in New Zealand was also raided by the authorities on behalf of the FBI, a move in which New Zealand’s high court ruled to be illegal. While the extradition hearing for Kim Dotcom is set for March, it seems that in the meantime he will be suing both the Hollywood studios and the US government.

Assuming he’s successful with his lawsuit, what does he plan to do with the damages he receives? While seemingly eccentric in nature, it looks like Dotcom will be using the money provided from the lawsuits to help provide free broadband to residents of New Zealand, and will only be charging business and government users. Dotcom believes that this will be the key for New Zealand’s prosperity and could help attract foreign internet businesses. It’s a rather odd move and we’re not sure how successful he will be with his efforts, but it’s pretty interesting nonetheless.

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