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Megaupload Relaunch With Original Database Confirmed
Kim Dotcom, most famous for Megaupload and all of the legal troubles that the file sharing service caused for him, said earlier this week that he plans on relaunching the service. It’s not just going to be a relaunch of the original service, he has now revealed that Megaupload 2.0 is going to come to life with the original Megaupload database. The relaunch is scheduled for early next year.

Megaupload Shutdown Resulted In Movie Sales Increase
There are always two sides to a coin, and different viewpoints in a situation. For instance, one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist, and when it comes to a site like Megaupload, it is bound to split opinions on it right down the middle. According to The Wall Street Journal, they reported that movie sales actually jumped in a significant amount in the months that followed after Megaupload was […]

Kim Dotcom's MEGA Will Give Users 50GB Of Free Storage And More
In the world of file-hosting websites, one of the biggest had to have been Megaupload, although it suffered a shut down last year that has since sent owner Kim Dotcom scrambling to create a new portal for free file hosting. Kim Dotcom announced a new site, simply called Mega, will be launching on January 20, but today, he took to his Twitter to announce the new site will offer 50GB of […]

Kim Dotcom wants to sue Hollywood and the US government and provide New Zealand with free broadband internet
Kim Dotcom is most certainly a name that many have heard of. In case you’re not familiar, Kim Dotcom is the founder/owner of filesharing/storage website, Megaupload, whose servers were raided by the authorities awhile back. His home in New Zealand was also raided by the authorities on behalf of the FBI, a move in which New Zealand’s high court ruled to be illegal. While the extradition hearing for Kim Dotcom […]


File Sharing Supersite Megaupload to Relaunch as Mega
Your favorite rapper’s favorite file sharing website is going to relaunch as soon as 2013, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom announced today. The site, simply called Mega, is going to be a rebirth of a website that once recorded 50 million unique visitors in a day as recently as 2011. Earlier this year, US investigators in conjunction with New Zealand police raided Kim Dotcom’s mansion and servers. The raid happened on […]

Kim Dotcom Promises A New, Legally-Secure MegaUpload
Kim Dotcom, the famed founder of the fallen MegaUpload, doesn’t seem dejected over his recent losses. Rather, he seemed all the more determined to take game a notch higher. Doctom recently posted on his Twitter account that he would is working on developing a new MegaUpload which would be legally secure.Doctom said that he is collaborating with “24/7 with lawyers, developers, designers, investors & partners” right now, and that as […]

Megaupload boss Kim Dotcom heads to U.S. to answer piracy charges
Kim Dotcom, the Internet mogul who is the main “star” of a US investigation which concerns online piracy and fraud charges, mentioned that he was willing to make his way to the US in order to maintain his good name and clear whatever outstanding charges there are against him – with a little bit of help from some of the brightest legal minds his money can buy, of course. Upon […]

Megaupload founder believes U.S. Vice President is behind the takedown of his company
Kim Dotcom, the founder of Megaupload, is claiming that he knows who is behind the shutdown of his company in January this year. Dotcom reportedly told TorrentFreak yesteday that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden ordered lawyer Neil MacBride to bring his behemoth site down. Interestingly, Dotcom said that the Vice President is a close friend to former-Senator and now-MPAA CEO Chris Dodd.

MegaUpload host pleads for cash to preserve user files
If you’ve got the money, we’ve got the storage space – or so that is what it seems to look like according to Carpathia Hosting, the company that currently maintains 25 million GBs (that would place it at 25 Petabytes) of data belonging to MegaUpload ever since the US government decided to shut down the service due to alleged piracy activities. The entire cost of holding 25 Petabytes of data daily […]

Hotfile in Hollywood's crosshairs
Remember all the attention paid to Megaupload when the site was shut down? Well, Hollywood intends to continue on that “success”, and are requesting a US District Court for a summary judgment against Hotfile. Film studios claim that Hotfile is a file sharing site whose business model is similar to Megaupload, citing repeated copyright infringement as the main concern. Plaintiffs Disney, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia, and Warner Bros. argued […]

BTjunkie shuts down
A couple of weeks ago, Megaupload was shut down by the authorities and slowly we’ve begun to feel the repercussions of the move. Filesonic no longer shares files, and a number of other torrent sites have decided to close their doors for good. Now it’s time to say goodbye to yet another major bittorrent tracker. As of today, BTJunkie, one of the top Bit Torrent sites for the past seven […]

MegaUpload data safe for one more fortnight
I am not quite sure how much of a panic attack you received when you first heard of the troubles over at MegaUpload, and earlier today, we brought you news about data on MegaUpload will be deleted soon – so those who use MegaUpload as their cloud storage platform of choice might want to look elsewhere. Procrastinators, here is a small window of reprieve for you – it seems that […]

Megaupload's data could be deleted by the end of the week
We’re sure that most of you might have heard by now that popular filesharing website, Megaupload, has been shutdown, but what you may not have realized is that it would seem that the website will have all of its files deleted by the end of the week. Yes, when we say all, we do mean all, and that could include files that have been uploaded by users who may have […]

Filesonic no longer shares files
Last week it was reported that MegaUpload, one of the world’s largest file sharing sites was shut down and its founders charged for breaking the law. While other file sharing sites haven’t been directly affected by the take down, it looks like they’re starting to get worried. Another popular file sharing website, Filesonic has decided to disable all sharing services, as well as discontinue its affiliates rewards program (which let […]