Heads up Pokemon Black/White players! If you happen to own a copy of either the Black/White version of Pokemon on your Nintendo DS, you’re in luck as it would appear that the Mewtwo Pokemon character will be making its way into the game come February 2012. Pokemon collectors or players will be able to download the Mewtwo Pokemon character onto their DS via the Nintendo W-Fi connection service, but it should be noted that the download will be available for a limited time only.

The download will be available on the 12th of February, although we’re not sure exactly to what extent is this “limited time”. Upon downloading the character, Mewtwo is said to be packing an exclusive move that it cannot normally learn, which unfortunately was not revealed (we guess they didn’t want to spoil the surprise?). Either way if you’re a hardcore Pokemon collector and you really just “Gotta catch ‘em all!”, the 12th of February might be a date worth marking down on your calendars.

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