Nay sayers of Android could argue that the platform is not secure due to the number of malwares out there that seem to be targeting Android devices specifically. Companies also appear to be favoring RIM over Android as well due to the amount of control they would have over Blackberry devices, but perhaps the NSA’s (National Security Agency) latest efforts might be able to convince those nay sayers that the Android mobile operating system can indeed be locked up tight enough even by the NSA’s standards.

The NSA has recently announced the availability of their security enhanced version of Android that they have dubbed SE Android (we’re guessing SE stands for Security Enhanced). For those unfamiliar, SE Android brings about Mandatory Access Control to Android’s Linux kernel which would help to protect against malicious exploits and such. It even allows for every single and folder within Android to be locked down with encryption.

Unfortunately if you were looking forward to getting this on your Android device, you would be out of luck. The NSA’s SE Android at the moment merely exists as an emulator and will at the very most make its way onto the Nexus S. In order to do this, you apparently would require to be familiar with Android’s source along with Linux/Unix-based systems. Basically this is not for everybody. However if you’re interested in learning more, you will be able to find more information at the SE LInux Project’s website.

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