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NSA Used Twitter To Send Coded Messages To Russian Contact
You may recall seeing movies where spy agencies use public outlets such as coded classified ads or numbers stations to deliver secret messages to their agents on missions where getting in touch with them through other means could end up blowing their cover. This isn’t something that Hollywood dreamt up. There’s a long history of spy agencies actually using such methods to get in touch with their contacts and according […]

Yahoo Wants The Government To Explain Why It Was Made To Scan Emails
A recent report revealed that Yahoo had to comply with a government order to scan incoming emails of all of its users as intelligence agencies like the NSA and FBI were looking for specific digital signatures belonging to a group of miscreants they were after. The company has predictably taken a lot of flak for this. It has now published a letter which calls on the government to explain why […]

Yahoo Reportedly Tweaked Spam Filter To Scan Emails For U.S. Government
It was reported recently that Yahoo complied with a secret order to scan all incoming emails of its users for the NSA and the FBI. The report claimed that Yahoo developed a special software program to make this happen. More details have emerged about how this came to be. The latest report claims that Yahoo tweaked a filter intended to screen emails for child pornography and spam to scan incoming […]

Yahoo Calls Claims Of Scanning Emails For NSA 'Misleading'
It was reported yesterday that Yahoo complied with a secret government order to scan incoming email of all of its users for the NSA and the FBI. It was claimed that Yahoo built a special software tool to make this possible. The company didn’t offer an explanation yesterday, only saying that it’s a law abiding company that complies with the laws of the United States. It has now sent out […]


Yahoo Reportedly Scanned User Emails For The NSA
According to a new report, Yahoo built a secret software program last year to scan all of its users’ incoming emails for the National Security Agency. It’s claimed that Yahoo’s program was capable of scanning the emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials. It’s believed that this might very well be the first case in which an internet company willingly agreed to spy on its users to comply […]

Documents Show Snowden Tried To Raise Concerns About Spying With NSA
Several documents have been obtained by Vice News through the Freedom of Information Act which reveal that whistleblower Edward Snowden tried to take up his concerns against the government’s spying programs with the National Security Agency before ultimately deciding to hand over top-secret documents to journalists. These documents contradict earlier claims by federal agencies that Snowden never went through the proper channels to have his concerns addressed.

How To Make Your Phone Spy-Proof With Edward Snowden
If you’ve read the news at any point over the last couple of years then you might have heard of Edward Snowden. He’s a former contractor who worked for the CIA, he leaked thousands of documents that revealed the extent of the National Security Agency’s electronic spying programs. He’s regularly seen endorsing services that provide users with a secure communications platform but if really want to dial your security up […]

EU Parliament Wants Charges Against Edward Snowden Dropped
The European Parliament today called on its member states to drop criminal charges against Edward Snowden, the former contractor who leaked a ton of top secret documents that revealed just how vast the electronic spying programs of the National Security Agency are. The whistleblower went to Hong Kong prior to leaking the first trove of documents and for the past year or so has been living in Russia as he […]

Snowden Joins Twitterverse, Earns More Followers Than NSA
Boy, this certainly did not take too long at all. Edward Snowden has opened up a Twitter account, and he is currently following only one other account – where that would be none other than the NSA. In the process, Snowden has already amassed more followers than the NSA, now how about that for being popular? It does not matter whether one sees him as a patriot or a traitor, […]

White House Finally Responds To Pardon Petition For Edward Snowden
Over two years back Edward Snowden made some startling revelations about the electronic spying programs of the National Security Agency. He leaked a treasure trove of documents from the agency which showed the absolute power that the NSA had with regards to electronic surveillance and since then he has periodically leaked more documents to highlight the agency’s programs. He obviously had to leave the United States before setting on this path […]

NSA Has Set Aside A Special Room For Watching Porn
Even though the National Security Agency has taken a lot of flak for its electronic spying programs the agency does play a vital role in the maintenance of national security. It sifts through vast swathes of data of all kinds to find clues about potential terrorist plots. Sometimes those plots could be hidden inside porn and that’s why the National Security Agency has set aside a whole room just for watching porn.

Cisco Shipping Products To Alternate Addresses To Avoid The NSA
When the Snowden reports surfaced, one of the revelations was how the NSA had reportedly intercepted security equipment on the way to companies, installed backdoors in them, before sending them on their way. This allowed the NSA to hack and monitor companies and software that were otherwise secure.Naturally not many people were too happy to have their equipment tampered with without their knowledge and now according to reports, Cisco’s customer […]

NSA Had Its Eye On Sony Hackers Long Before They Struck
Towards the end of last year one of the biggest stories that made international headlines was the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack. The U.S. government was quick to point its finger towards North Korea for the cyberattack even though the supremely isolated country denied the allegation repeatedly. Many questioned just how the FBI had reached this conclusion, with some security experts saying that it may have been a total inside job, […]

NSA Had Trouble Breaking Into These Encryption Tools
Edward Snowden is now globally known as the man who blew the whistle on U.S. National Security Agency’s spying programs. He leaked a treasure trove of top secret documents detailing vast spying plans over the past year and he’s not stopping now. Der Spiegel has a new report up, backed by documents provided by Snowden, which reveal some of the encryption tools that proved a bit too much for the […]

Folks At The NSA Probably Saw Your Nudes
There’s always a risk involved when sending compromising photos to someone, you can’t really stop them from posting those pictures online, and then that’s a completely different kind of nightmare. But what about people who can see those pictures without you ever knowing? As we all know courtesy of Edward Snowden’s leaks the National Security Agency is running massive electronic spying programs which include capturing of data sent over email, apps […]

German Security Committee Considers Moving To Typewriters
Ever since last summer’s leaks about the U.S. National Security Agency’s electronic spying programs there has been much criticism about these actions, not only from the public who believe they are unfairly being monitored but from the country’s allies as well which found through the leaks that they were being snooped upon as well. German Chancellor Angela Merkel wasn’t pleased at all when it was reported that her phone had […]

Google Mocks NSA In Easter Egg
It was last October that the Washington Post mentioned about leaked slides from the NSA’s top secret MUSCULAR data interception program, sharing details on how the NSA was able to step in and intercept data from Google’s cloud servers through an exploitation in an SSL gap. That particular slide has proven to raise a fair amount of controversy, especially so where Google employees are concerned. The comment read, “SSL added […]

NSA Collecting Faces From Millions Of Web Images For Facial Recognition
Much has been said and written about the NSA’s electronic spying operations. Since the first leaks last year Edward Snowden, the man behind it all, has continued to leak highly classified documents shedding light on the top secret programs. The latest from Snowden reveals that millions of faces are being collected from web images by the agency which it intends to use for facial recognition. Some of the programs previously seen […]

Microsoft MVP Says NSA Can Monitor Secure Tor Browsing
If you have been following up on the Snowden leaks since last summer you might have probably lost all hope of online security by now. After the revelations were made it was claimed that the Tor network saw its usage increase by almost 50 percent. Tor lets users securely browse the internet. It scrambles data and beams it through countless relays to mask the identity of the original sender. While the network itself […]

NSA Secret Facility For Planting Backdoors Seen In Leaked Pictures
Many of the National Security Agency’s spying programs are now out in the open, courtesy of highly classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Recently Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who has worked with Snowden on these revelations, brought even more leaks to the forefront. Citing classified documents it was reported that the NSA intercepts networking equipment being exported out of the U.S. to plant backdoors. Photos of one such secret facility have […]