[CES 2012] Evolution is a wonderful thing when it comes to technology, as it makes sure that consumers tend to get the best advancements – and what better platform than CES to showcase your latest marvels? The QOOQ tablet has just gotten a slap in the behind, or a boost if you prefer something more formal, with a new 1GHz dual-core processor. While the website is still in French, those who je ne sais pas parler Francais can now breathe a sigh of relief as the upgraded QOOQ tablet is now able to communicate in English. While running on its proprietary platform at the moment, you are still able to access your social network(s) and stream media without missing a beat. Connectivity options include USB and Ethernet, while an SD memory card slot helps you expand its internal memory by a margin as and when required. The tablet itself is set to make its way across the Atlantic to the US in Q2 for $400 a pop, while recipe updates are delivered via a subscription system which will cost more moolah. Folks living in Europe can always pony up 349€ for the new and improved QOOQ tablet.

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