Having a fast Internet connection is definitely something that everyone would not complain, and it seems that there is the possibility of an improvement in this area thanks to the use of quantum dots – tiny particles made of semiconductor crystals, and when utilized, will be able to increase fiber bandwidth by anywhere from 7 to 10 times. The Photonic Network Research Institute of NICT are currently experimenting with quantum dots to increase the bandwidth of optical communication systems, and if successful and stable enough, this might pave the way for the construction of a high capacity and a high flexibility data transmission system that relies on a wide optical frequency range which will merge a light source and a photonic crystal fiber.

So far, the high quality quantum dots NICT created are said to be very stable, boasting a high optical frequency, and can function as the light source or amplifier in optical systems. Not only that, they can also be specially tuned to operate in optical frequency bands about 70 Thz wide, which is around seven times wider compared to the currently used 10 Thz frequency bands. Will we see quantum dots make their way to mainstream consciousness soon?

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