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Google’s Quantum Computer Is Faster Than Any Supercomputer
Google published a new video on YouTube demonstrating the ‘Quantum Supremacy’ experiment.Even though it is theoretically believed that Quantum computers are way ahead of their time, Google claims that its Quantum computer was able to complete a task way faster than any supercomputer would in the Quantum Supremacy experiment.To give you an idea, a problem which can be solved by a supercomputer in 10,000 years has been solved by the […]

Real Ways To Improve Your Digital Life With The Cloud
“The Cloud: is a term that most people have heard of, and many of us use cloud services daily. However, it’s fair to say many others are still using computing the old-fashion way. At times, it may sound like a marketing gimmick, but “cloud computing” is real and it can bring real value to just about everyone who has an internet connection whether it is on a computer, mobile devices […]

Quantum dots increase fiber bandwidth up to 10 times
Having a fast Internet connection is definitely something that everyone would not complain, and it seems that there is the possibility of an improvement in this area thanks to the use of quantum dots – tiny particles made of semiconductor crystals, and when utilized, will be able to increase fiber bandwidth by anywhere from 7 to 10 times. The Photonic Network Research Institute of NICT are currently experimenting with quantum […]

NVIDIA GPUs Accelerate Financial Computations by 40X
JP Morgan and NVIDIA have announced that NVIDIA’s (graphics) processors have been used successfully to accelerate derivative-focused risk computations by about 40X, when compared to running solely on classic processors (CPUs). Right now, JP Morgan computational center runs with a hybrid setup that includes both CPUs and GPUs.Traditionally, those computations were run overnight so that useful data could be used for the next trading day. Now, the same results can […]


Genius SlimStar 8000 keyboard and mouse released
The Genius SlimStar 8000 keyboard and mouse combo was just made available for purchase in the US today and Genius wants you to make sure you can use your computer without having a mess on your desk. Called the SlimStar 8000, this keyboard and mouse set functions without the use of any wires which means you’ll be able to use these peripherals on a desk or even when you’re across […]

Commodore USA to release AROS-supporting desktops
Commodore USA’s CEO, Barry, Altman, has just announced that the company will be rolling back the years in some way with an entire line of new AMIGA branded “AIO” (All In One) keyboard computers, thanks to an an exclusive worldwide license that has been granted by Amiga Inc. Basically, the company aims to release machines which will support AROS a good 100%, which is an open source variant of AmigaOS […]

Intel Larrabee 2.0 will come
If you have an interest for high-end computer graphics, you might have heard that Intel’s upcoming Larrabee (nicknamed LRB) graphics processing unit (GPU) has been shelved as a product, but it is not certainly not dead as a project.The current Larrabee, I’ll call it 1.0, will instead become a development vehicle that will serve to get the software going for whenever LRB 2.0 will show up. What happened? Intel didn’t provide […]

VIA Mobile-ITX platform
VIA intends to revolutionize things yet again with their new Mobile-ITX platform that measures a cool 6cm x 6cm, while is around 50% smaller compared to the Pico-ITX form factor. Specially built for next-generation embedded devices, Mobile-ITX will rely on a modularized design that comprises of a CPU module card and an I/O carrier board. Other features include integrated core CPU, chipset and memory functionality and I/O that includes the […]

HP Unveils XW9400 Workstations
HP has revealed its latest line of xw9400 workstations that will see AMD’s six-core Opteron 2400 series thrown into the mix. Also known as Istanbul, these processors are capable of offering the system up to a dozen cores. According to HP, these chips are touted to offer around 34% more performance per watt when compared to earlier quad-cores, despite using a similar level of energy. Chances are these Opteron 2400 […]