Sony has not had much luck with their tablets so far regardless of whether it is the dual screen Tablet P or the Tablet S, no thanks to the pricing range as well as its design that does not really appeal to the average sheep. Well, it is still nice to hear that Sony has not relegated both tablets to some forgotten corner in the office – no sir, in fact, the Japanese consumer electronics giant intends to deliver the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to both tablets sometime this spring.

A spokesperson at a London event mentioned that Sony intends to roll out the Ice Cream Sandwich update then, and apart from all the good stuff that Android 4.0 offers, the update will also deliver additional new features such as PlayStation certification, enabling one to download PlayStation games to the Tablet P in a similar vein as that of the Xperia Play. You can also play those games with the PS3 Bluetooth controller if you so desire, and should you decide to be more productive at the office with a tablet, additional compatibility for Microsoft Office documents has been thrown into the mix.

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