Fashion is really subjective, considering this appeals to our artistic faculties more than the reasoning segment of our brains. I know that fashion can seem strange to some at times, but the most sought after accessory on the runway at Fashion Week is not a dress, some bangles or a hat, but rather, it hails from MakerBot – coming in the form of 3D printed glasses. Designer Asher Levine’s fashion show saw models don multicolored glasses that were fabricated in a MakerBot printer.


Basically, the MakerBot is a device that enables users to download as well as scan designs, where these designs are subsequently “printed” in the form of physical objects. Levine is no stranger to the fashion industry, as you can see his hand in fashion icons such as Lady Gaga, and decided that the MakerBot would be a vital cog in his presentation’s wheels. It would be interesting to see whether other fashion houses would take the same route in the future.

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