Want to own a phone that has a heart for the environment? I am not talking about those GreenHeart efforts from Sony Ericsson in the past, but rather, a new handset that uses grass as one of its major building blocks. Yes sir, the ADzero phone is the first phone in the world to be made out of bamboo, where it is the brainchild of 23-year-old Middlesex University student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, sporting an unibody design that is extremely popular these days among smartphone manufacturers, while running on the Android operating system.

It makes perfect sense to rely on bamboo, as this is the world’s fastest growing grass, and it relies on four year-old organic bamboo to form the case. Originally meant to roll out only in China, it seems that plans have changed, and the ADzero is preparing for a launch in the UK in due time. The ADzero phone is not meant to be a mass market phone though, as it is still tipped to be a boutique project at the moment. No idea on how much it will cost, but it would be cooler if there was a built-in solar panel at the back.

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