Remember the Ostrich pillow that turned you into a human model of the flightless bird, as you bury your head in the pillow itself to get a quick nap while you are at work? Perhaps the $80 Dictionary Desk Pillow might have a leg up, considering how it makes you look even more scholarly than you already are while catching forty winks. Yes sir, it might not be able to shield you from the light and sounds around, but at least those who want to look as though they are hard at work reading a dictionary (seriously, who reads dictionaries from cover to cover unless one wants to make an attempt at a world record or something)? The word “Workaholic” is emblazoned across for that added hilarious effect. The “book” itself will feature a paper case to make it look smarter than a soft pillow, and is perfect to catch up with your much needed sleep while you are at the desk. It would have been more realistic if there were some prints on the “pages” inside though, as you fool your mates into thinking that you have an extreme case of near-sightedness.

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