Don’t you just hate how uncomfortable your desk at work is – especially when you’re trying to have a power nap during lunch time? Well, Kawamura-Ganjavian, a Madrid-based design studio has come up with a solution to the problem. An interestingly designed pillow called the Ostrich. In case you’re wondering why it’s called the Ostrich – the pillow does resemble the body of an ostrich, and like an ostrich, you’re sticking your head inside a dark hole (except yours isn’t a reaction due to fear).

The Ostrich features a hole for your head, and two holes for your hands to grab onto. While it isn’t exactly a good posture for your back to be in, your face will be comfortable against the interior of the pillow. No word on pricing or availability of this pillow, but we’re pretty sure it could be a big hit with the office power-napping crowd.

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