Admit it: at some point or the other, we have experienced frustration when trying to teach our parents how to use today’s technology, or for our older readers out there, you guys have probably seen how frustrated your kids get when trying to explain the use of a smartphone or tablet to you. Unfortunately not all of us are tech savvy, which is why Sweden-based company Doro has unveiled the PhoneEasy 740 Android smartphone aimed at the older generation.


According to Doro, this is an attempt by the company to help bridge the digital divide faced by seniors around the world. Despite the fact that it is running on Android, Doro has included an custom UI of their own called the Doro Experience which completely hides the fact that this is an Android handset, and instead of allowing access to the Android Market, Doro has decided include a specially tailored app store containing apps suitable for senior citizens. The phone will also feature a web-based management portal to allow the user and their family to manage the content and apps on the phone completely via cloud technology.

This will allow digital content to be pushed or removed from the device remotely, saving the elderly the trouble of having to figure everything out for themselves. The handset itself will be a slider phone with large buttons, a display that will display large text and icons (based on the photo above), a sports a customizable button on the back which when held down for a few seconds, will call and message 5 preset numbers in case of an emergency. The Doro PhoneEasy 740 is expected to be made available this Summer.

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