Fruit Ninja Card Game

Halfbrick Studios has brought a whole new meaning to the term “cutting a deck” when it comes to cards. The company announced yesterday its plans to expand its Fruit Ninja franchise with the introduction of a new card game. Designed to go along with your Fruit Ninja plushies, the Fruit Ninja Card Game should bring entertainment for 2-4 players or sit on your shelf as a nice collector’s item if you’re a fan of the game but don’t want to play it in its card form.

The objective of the game? Be the first one to collect one of each type of fruit or 25 total fruits – just make sure you don’t slice any bombs along the way or you lose all the fruits you’ve gained in that turn. Though I haven’t played it yet, it sounds like a ton of fun and should please Fruit Ninja fans everywhere. The game is available now from ThinkGeek and will set you back $9.99.

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