We’ve seen hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight before, but this hybrid XSeed concept vehicle by designer Marcos Beltrao seems to have taken it one step further. The XSeed concept appears to have married the idea of an electric buggy and a roadster together, thus allowing the vehicle to be operated with gas, ethanol and an electric motor. While we’re not sure how effective or plausible such a vehicle would be, we have to admit it sports a pretty sleek design.

According to Marcos, the XSeed will feature a 1600cc four-cylinder engine under the hood, electric thrusters on each wheel, will be made out of carbon nanotubes and will feature a ceramic compound used to fashion the engine. Not only will the ceramic compound be lighter than its aluminum counterpart, it supposedly requires no cooling or lubrication and will reportedly last longer.

Magnesium alloy will also be employed to create the 22” rims, with each wheel fitted with independent suspension while carbon fiber reinforced plastic is used for the exterior of the vehicle. We’re guessing that ultimately Marcos was looking to create a strong, yet lightweight vehicle, with the ability to go from 0mph to 60mph in just 4.5 seconds with an output of 225 horsepower when both engines (gas and electric) are in use.

Is such a vehicle really possible? We’ll leave that to the engineers and car experts to decide. In the meantime, and with the possibility of the XSeed being nothing more than mere wishful thinking, it sure looks pretty good.

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