[MWC 2012] I got some hands-on time with LG’s new Vu, a rather large handset that is without a doubt a two handed smartphone. In some ways, this is LG’s Galaxy Note if you want. It has a different format as it is not as long. It looks a bit odd at first, but the wider display does provide a visually comfortable usage. For the hand, things are a bit different. It feels even wider than the Galaxy Note (!), so people with small hands may not be able to hold it comfortably, if at all.

With two hands, it’s a breeze, and the width lands itself very well for fast typing with the virtual keyboard. Additionally, LG has made sure that the virtual keyboard reacts quickly, even more so than with the Optimus 3D, which was already one of the more responsive android 2.x device.

I have not been able to benchmark it properly, but it did feel like a next-gen handset. At the moment, there is no killer app for the larger display, other than the size itself. Apps seems to react like they would on a normal handset.

Right now, it is not obviously better than the Galaxy Note from an industrial design perspective. However, I sure wish my Note was as responsive than the LG Vu… In the end, we will let the market decide. I would recommend waiting for an ICS update to the Galaxy Note before deciding if the LG Vu would be a prime choice. We’re looking forward to get some play time in real-world condition with this handset. What do you think?

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