DROID RAZR MAXX Limited EditionRemember yesterday we reported that a Verizon employee was auctioning off his limited edition Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX handset? Well as it turns out, if you were looking to place your bids on this limited edition Android smartphone, you probably shouldn’t since the device would be virtually useless in your hands and will end up as a very expensive paperweight. This is probably really bad news to whoever decided to pay $2,250 for it as eBay as listed the item as sold.

According to Droid-Life’s sources, Verizon has announced plans to lock the ESNs (electronic serial number) for these devices to employee accounts only. Basically what this means is that subscribers like you and I will never be able to activate it. This is apparently a pretty common practice by Verizon, so we guess we can’t say that we’re surprised. This is a heads up to you guys who may or may not come across similar listings in the future on eBay or Craigslist, and if you do, you probably should stay clear of them.

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