So it’s the weekend, and it’s a lazy Sunday, and what better to wait spend that day by lazing about in a comfortable chair, a cold/hot beverage in one hand while enjoying some soothing music, right? Well if that sounds like the perfect Sunday afternoon for you, you might be interested in checking out Mac Sports’ Retro Butterfly Speaker Chair, which as the name implies has a set of speakers built into its head rest.

According to its manufacturer, the chair is made from soft vinyl fabric along with built-in speakers and an amplifier that can connect to a variety of gadgets, such as radios, both CD and MP3 players, laptops, and we’re guessing smartphones and tablets shouldn’t be a problem either. The chair will also sport a power coated steel frame and will be able to support weights up to 225lbs. While we can’t speak for the audio quality of these speakers, it’s safe to assume that if you consider yourself to be an audiophile, you might want to look elsewhere. However if the novelty of a chair with built-in speakers appeals to you, you’ll be able to pick one up from Mac Sports for $100.

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