Mass Effect 3Mass Effect 3 might be a month away, but iOS users are going to be able to have their fix of the game before the game hits the streets. BioWare recently announced Mass Effect Infiltrator – a companion app to the upcoming Mass Effect 3.

The game will be a third person shooter, pitting players against the Cerberus group as they battle enemies, rescue prisoners and collect evidence for increasing their Mass Effect 3 Galaxy at War Galactic Readiness rating.

Mass Effect Infiltrator is said to feature stunning graphics and authentic weapons and powers from the Mass Effect series, so fans of the game should feel at home. For those of you worried that you’ll need to play this game to unlock the “best ending” – fear not, BioWare guarantees that you won’t.

No mention of a release date besides the vague “soon”, but we assume it should be available before Mass Effect 3 is. As usual, Android users will have to keep their fingers crossed for a port of the game.

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