While we’re sure that there are tons of gamers out there looking forward to getting their hands on Max Payne 3 (check out its new trailer), we’re sure that there are gamers out there who are probably wondering what if Max Payne came onto our mobile devices, how fun would that be? Featuring a unique bullet-time system and an immersive story, without doubt it would be an excellent game to play on the go, and the good news is that Rockstar has heard your pleas and will be releasing the mobile version of Max Payne in the next couple of months.

This was revealed in a Q&A with Rockstar where it was asked by avbros if there was any news on Max Payne coming to iOS, whereby Rockstar replied with a “Yes – following the release of Grand Theft Auto III for iOS (and Android devices) late last year, the original Max Payne will be our next release for mobile devices. We will have an official announcement soon confirming the release date, but you can expect it to finally be released sometime in the next couple months.”

Rockstar’s reply seems to have answered the question of Max Payne coming to iOS, but it was not explicitly stated about its availability on Android. However given that GTA3 is available for both iOS and Android, it is possible that Rockstar games will be giving Android some Max Payne loving in the near future as well.

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