If you have been eating, drinking and sleeping Max Payne 3 all this while, chances are the next time you log in, you would have realized that there is a sudden decrease in the availablity of Max Payne 3 players. The reason for this? Chances are pretty good that you were considered to be a cheat, meaning you have been relegated to the Max Payne 3 cheater’s pool which we talked about a month ago.

Rockstar announced, “We’ve taken steps to quarantine confirmed cheaters in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer. Starting today, anyone we’ve found using hacked saves, modded games, or other exploits has officially been cordoned off in a dedicated cheater pool, confined to wallow with other unscrupulous reprobates.”

That’s right, assuming you have found yourself to be in the pool and are not quite sure just why despite not cheating, there is always a way out – just email Rockstar games and plead your case. No guarantees that you will be reinstated, but you can also have the choice of playing the role of a whistle blower, fortifying your accusations of other cheats to Rockstar with the help of a video or screenshot.

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