Google driverless carIf you happen to be driving around in the state of Nevada, don’t be surprised if you encounter an unmanned vehicle on the streets or highways. The state became the first to officially approve rules for self-driving cars on public roads earlier this week. While there aren’t a lot of self-driving cars available on the market right now, you can expect to see Google’s driverless Prius take a lot more trips out in the public in the near future.

Despite being self-driving vehicles, drinking and “driving” is still an offense – so even if you’re not controlling the car but you’re under the influence of alcohol, you will still be served a ticket. On the other hand, talking on the phone or sending texts while in a self-driving car is perfectly acceptable. What do you think of driverless vehicles? Would you be keen on purchasing one in the future or are you uncomfortable with the idea of putting your life in the hands of your automated vehicle?

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