Statistics, statistics! There are many ways to read into figures and numbers, and a lot of the conclusions really boil down to just which angle you want to approach the particular topic from. Hardware sales figures are always interesting to talk about, and NPD’s set of hardware numbers focused on revenue shares, where PCs (this is a rather broad category actually – it seems that laptops and desktops come under the umbrella of PCs where NPD is concerned) are the largest money spinners in the industry, raking in around $28 billion – that is 19% of the purported $144 billion in hardware sales for 2011.

TVs, PCs and gaming hardware actually declined in terms of revenue share, being cannibalized by smartphone and tablet sales in the same time perioed, while slates and e-readers actually managed to improve their performance by a 5% increase. Apple remains lofty in the charts, and it does not seem as though their position as the top sales by manufacturer will be challenged anytime soon, boating a 36% increase over the previous year. No idea on what 2012 will bring though, but the iPad 3 release should continue to help Apple surge further ahead of the pack. [Press Release]

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