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Razer Tomahawk Is An Ultra-Compact Gaming Desktop Chassis
It looks like Razer’s new ultra-compact gaming desktop ‘Tomahawk’ is going to be one of the most impressive modular systems we’ve come across.Razer has introduced the new Tomahawk gaming desktop in partnership with Intel – hence, no Ryzen.It utilizes the Razer Tomahawk N1 chassis, which is incredibly compact.Even though it’s a mini PC (sort of) – it can support a full-size graphics card (you can refer to its official website […]

Tranquil PC Announces MonoOne All-In-One Desktop
In this day and age, it is more often than not that homes would settle for all-in-one desktop computers. Not only do these computers look a whole lot better aesthetically speaking, they also make life easier since you more or less get everything required to get started right out of the box without having to make hardware decisions of your own. Well, UK-based Tranquil PC is one that churns out […]

Windows 8.1 May Include 'Boot To Desktop' Option
One of the biggest gripes people have with Microsoft’s Windows 8 is the fact they completely replaced their traditional Start button experience found in previous versions of Windows with a UI that was specifically designed with tablet and touch-screen computers in mind. Getting to the desktop requires an additional unnecessary step, although according to a recently published rumor, it may look like Microsoft is considering cutting the extra step it […]

VIZIO Prices New Line Of Laptops, Desktops
It was at this year’s CES when VIZIO decided to announce its new line of laptops and desktops and today, the company is announcing pricing and availability for their previously announced PCs.VIZIO’s 14-inch Touch Thin + Light notebook (CT14T-B0) will soon ship with an AMD A10 APU at the base price of $1,089.99, while the Intel Core i7-equpped  CT14T-B1 will start at $1,419.99. If 14 inches isn’t your cup of tea, […]


PCs make most money in hardware sales that total $144 billion across the industry
Statistics, statistics! There are many ways to read into figures and numbers, and a lot of the conclusions really boil down to just which angle you want to approach the particular topic from. Hardware sales figures are always interesting to talk about, and NPD’s set of hardware numbers focused on revenue shares, where PCs (this is a rather broad category actually – it seems that laptops and desktops come under […]

JBL unveils Jembe desktop speakers
JBL has recently unveiled a new set of desktop speakers called the JBL Jembe. As you can tell, this is named after percussion instrument, the Djembe, although unlike the instrument itself, we do not recommend that go about beating on these set of speakers.

Google wants Chrome OS on desktops; manufacturers disagree
It looks like Google isn’t satisfied with only having its Chrome OS on netbooks aka Chromebooks. Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, recently shared in Taiwan to PC manufacturers about the benefits of having Chrome OS-powered desktops. However, it looks like PC manufacturers aren’t buying the idea and are rather pessimistic about selling Chrome-powered desktops – despite Chrome OS’ features such as fast boot up time, no viruses, and no costs.

Dell unveils Inspiron One 2320 all-in-one desktop
Yesterday we reported on the Samsung Series 7 All-In-One desktop, and it looks like these all-in-one setups are starting to become more popular, as Dell has replaced one of their higher end all-in-one computers with the Inspiron One 2320.

iBUYPOWER launches new Professional Series workstations
If you thought that iBUYPOWER was only good for churning out affordable gaming computers, you were wrong. The company has just announced a new line of desktops designed to speed up your work by letting you work faster with high-end computers. Aptly named the Professional Series, the computers will features 2nd generation Intel Core i7 processors, RAID cards, and NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards. If the default configurations aren’t what you’re […]

Samsung Smart One AF315: a slim and stylish all-in-one PC
Samsung has just unveiled a new all-in-one desktop computer, the Smart One AF315 that will go on sale in Korea tomorrow. Featuring a 23″ (1920 x 1080) 3D display, an Intel “Sandy Bridge” Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 1TB (7,200RPM) hard disk drive, a Blu-ray drive and a TV tuner.For folks who aren’t keen on having an immersive 3D experience (with the bundled 3D glasses), the display can […]

Digital Storm launches ODE desktop gaming PCs
Digital Storm, a company known for its highly-customizable gaming rigs will be offering its first pre-built desktop gaming PC. Called the ODE, these pre-built systems will allow gamers to purchase high-end gaming computers without the hassle of having to select each part individually. And with the quality that Digital Storm is reputed for, they can rest assured they’ll be getting their money’s worth.“If ever there was an indictment against PC […]

Xi3 Corporation announces the world's first desktop computer running Chrome OS
Now we all know that Google’s Chrome OS was specifically designed for laptops/netbooks, but who’s to say that it wouldn’t work on desktop computer? That’s why the folks over at Xi3 Corporation have just announced the ChromiumPC modular computer – the world’s first desktop computer designed to run Google’s Chrome operating system.

HP TouchSmart 610 with 2nd generation Intel Core processors available now
 HP has just announced that their latest HP TouchSmart 610 all-in-one (AIO) personal computers are available for purchase now. The latest variants of the AIO PCs feature the 2nd generation Intel Core processors for an improved performance. The HP TouchSmart 610 PCs maintain the unique TouchSmart form factor where the display/computer can be laid almost flat on a table surface as well as stand up like a regular monitor.The TouchSmart […]

Lenovo introduces ThinkCentre Edge 91z all-in-one PC
All-in-one PCs are starting to become a major trend and Lenovo isn’t about to be left out of the race, judging by their recent push in the all-in-one (AIO) desktop computer segment. They’ve just introduced a new model to their Edge AIO lineup.Called the ThinkCentre Edge 91z, this AIO PC is nicknamed the “Do Machine” for small businesses. It packs a 21.5″ HD LED Infinity Screen with a view management […]

HP Pavilion Desktop Computers, Updated
HP has released the new generation of HP Pavilion desktop computers that have been redesigned to look good, and yet, be practical (by the way, the two qualities don’t have to collide – that’s the while point of “design”). As you can see, the new Pavilion desktops come in the form of a medium, mini and small towers, depending on how much power and extensibility users want.

Fixmo Messenger Beta brings BBM to your desktop
Are you a BlackBerry Messenger addict? Are you constantly on BBM no matter where you are, even when you’re at home? When you’re back at home, don’t you wish you had the ability to chat on BBM using your computer instead of typing away on the BlackBerry keyboard? Now there have been a few solutions released in the past few years that let you do that – but it required […]

Google Voice Search on desktop being tested
Remember we mentioned that Google Chrome 11 brings support for voice input that works with Well it looks like Google has unveiled more plans to make use of voice input on the web. Google has been reportedly testing out the voice input feature for their regular search engine as well.

Windows 7 finally overtakes Windows XP's desktop OS market share
According to the latest results of the desktop OS market share in the US for April 2011 collected by StatCounter, it looks like people are finally leaving Windows XP behind and getting an upgrade to Windows 7. For the first time since it became the most popular operating system around, Windows XP’s market share has been trumped by Windows 7. Windows 7 is now used on 31.71% of desktops in […]

Guitar-PC won't let you play tunes, but lets you play Quake
In the exciting world of PC-case mods, it’s always interesting to see what sort of cases people can come up with. All the way in France, an avid PC modder by the name of Joss recently came up with one kick-ass PC case – made from a cheap guitar. He picked up an entry level Ibiza classical guitar, took it apart with a saw, and packed its internals with computer […]

CyberPower announces new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 gaming PCs
CyberPower, custom gaming PC manufacturer has just announced a new series of gaming desktops that feature the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 – “the fastest graphics card on the planet.” CyberPower power will feature the powerhouse graphics card in their Fang EVO series, Black Pearl, Gamer 3D and Xtreme FTW series of gaming PCs. All of them will ship with a standard GeForce GTX 590, but the Fang EVO Black Mamba […]