Before you think that somehow, we have traveled back in time to talk about the $79.99 Razer Orochi gaming mouse, look closer. What you see above is actually a bar of soap that was modeled to look just like the gaming mouse itself, although there is no lighted up scroll wheel that gives the game away. Originally carved as a custom contest item for Razer, and limited to a one-time run of 50 units, you can now pick up this 4.5 ounce “mouse” for $10 a pop, and it has a serpentine fragrance name as well to go with the overall theme from Razer – where the creator has called it “dragon’s blood” fragrance. Of course, I do wonder whether there are some sly folks out there who would purchase this and later put up an extremely cheap Razer Orochi gaming mouse for sale on eBay or other auction sites, considering how it looks like the real deal. Just remember to follow this rule of thumb always – if it is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t real.

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