ROCCAT Studios "Isn't PC Gaming Dead?"While Razer has been keen on revitalizing the PC gaming world with its “PC gaming is not dead” website and the launch of Project Fiona, it looks like ROCCAT Studios (another PC gaming peripheral manufacturer) has decided to do its part for the cause as well. ROCCAT Studios has just launched a new website aptly titled “Isn’t PC Gaming Dead?” On the page is an on-screen entry form where users can post their opinions on the question, where it will be publicly displayed for all to see.

It’s uncertain what ROCCAT Studios is trying to achieve with this website but there is a countdown on the page, which at the time of writing says 13 days and 6 hours remaining. At the end of the countdown, ROCCAT Studios will be announcing what it thinks is “the smartest way forward”. Sounds pretty interesting and we can’t wait to find out what it is. Check out the “Isn’t PC Gaming Dead?” website to read the opinions of other people or to leave your own feedback. What do you think ROCCAT is up to?

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