ROCCAT-KovaIf you’re a hardcore gamer or maybe even a casual one, we’re sure that you can appreciate how different gaming mice are compared to regular ones. This is usually felt in the way the buttons click, how many buttons there are beyond the usual left, right, and scroll wheel, and how fast and sensitive the sensors are.

After all gamers typically need have quick reflexes, right? That being said, if you’re after a new gaming mouse the folks at Roccat have recently taken the wraps off their new Kova gaming mouse. This mouse will feature a more advanced Pro-Optic R6 optical sensor that allows it to operate at 3,500 DPI natively.

It also features what Roccat is calling an “Overdrive” mode. What happens here is that it will take advantage of the Turbo Core V2 72 MHz 32-bit ARM-based MCU and artificially boost the sensitivity of the mouse to a whopping 7,000 DPI. We’re not sure who will need such high sensitivities, but it’s there if you want it.

The mouse will also feature two programmable buttons on each side of the mouse, so if you’re an MMO player that would like to access more of their skills at a click of a button, they will be available to you. Also as expected of gaming mice, the Roccat Kova will feature LED lights and can be configured based on your preference. It will be released come 17th November and is priced at 59.99 Euros, but no word on US pricing just yet.

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