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Roccat Unveils Suora, Their New Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
There are so many different mechanical keyboards out there that safe to say that as consumers we are spoilt for choice. Now some of you guys might have heard of Roccat before, the company known for their gaming peripherals like keyboards and mice. If you have, you might be interested to learn that the company has unveiled a new mechanical gaming keyboard.

New Roccat Kova Gaming Mouse Announced
If you’re a hardcore gamer or maybe even a casual one, we’re sure that you can appreciate how different gaming mice are compared to regular ones. This is usually felt in the way the buttons click, how many buttons there are beyond the usual left, right, and scroll wheel, and how fast and sensitive the sensors are.After all gamers typically need have quick reflexes, right? That being said, if you’re […]

The Roccat Sova Could Be The Answer To Living Room Gaming
There are PC users out there who build small form factor PCs that are designed specifically for the living room. These PCs allow the user to stream video content onto their TVs and sound system, which some prefer over using a computer monitor, but what does this mean for input? Well we suppose wireless keyboards and mice might be the way to go, but Roccat might have something more suited […]

ROCCAT Power-Grid App Now Available
At long last, the highly acclaimed ROCCAT Power-Grid app is now available to the public for free download, which is due since the software has already reached its open beta phase. Power-Grid has been described to be a game-changing software which comprises of a smartphone app, which will be available on both iOS and Android platforms, while it also has accompanying host software that runs on Windows. This particular technology […]


ROCCAT Special Limited Edition Kone Pure
ROCCAT of Germany has just announced a new special limited edition Kone Pure gaming mouse, which would clearly make it a fine addition that adds a whole lot of color to an already successful gaming mouse series. The special limited edition Kone Pure Color can be said to be evidence that ROCCAT listens to their customers, saying, “Users are often inquiring about colored versions of our products. With the Kone […]

ROCCAT Ryos Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
When it comes to gaming, having the right kind of hardware is extremely important to the gamer. However, just because a particular gaming peripheral comes with the best specifications, this does not mean that it is the most suitable for everyone. After all, it appeals and works differently for everyone, and so too, the same can be said of the ROCCAT Ryos mechanical gaming keyboard that offers unique per-key illumination.The […]

Roccat Delivers 16.8m Colors In Isku FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard
PC gamers are a group of individuals who enjoy customizing their gaming experience by continually tweaking their set up. Unlike console or handheld gaming, PC gaming is usually a unique experience as you can mix and match what you game on to make it as cool as possible. If you’re the kind of PC gamer who likes to have a one-of-a-kind keyboard, then peep Roccat’s latest offering.Roccat’s Isku FX Multicolor […]

ROCCAT Isku FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard Launched
ROCCAT unveiled the Isku FX multicolored keyboard last year, only to leave us hanging without a word about its availability and price. After more than a year of waiting, the Hamburg-based manufacturer of gaming peripherals is finally bringing it out to the market. Yes, the fascinating Isku FX gaming keyboard is hitting stores this week, at a suggested retail price of $99.99.For the price, customers will get the Isku FX and […]

ROCCAT Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse Announced
ROCCAT Studios of Germany has just announced their latest gaming peripheral for the masses – the ROCCAT Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse which is said to come with advanced gaming engineering, crammed into a sleek and clean ambidextrous form that ought to keep southpaws happy as well, while delivering what it claims to be a comfortable fit for every gamer’s hand. Sporting an advanced Pro Optic R2 sensor that paves the […]

ROCCAT Mega Mice range launched
We have seen our fair share of ROCCAT gaming mice in the past, and this time around, the new launch of Mega Mice will comprise of three models, and they are the ROCCAT Kone XTD (as seen above), the ROCCAT Kone Pure, and the ROCCAT Lua. ROCCAT has clearly underlined their intentions to make the Kone XTD as the successor to the legendary Kone[+] gaming mouse, throwing in even more […]

ROCCAT Kone XTD Max Customization Gaming Mouse set for unveiling at E3 and Computex
German precision engineering is something that we would more often than not associate with their spate of luxury cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi, but this time around, it is a gaming peripheral from ROCCAT that will capture the world’s attention next month as ROCCAT unveils the ROCCAT Kone XTD Max Customization Gaming Mouse at E3 as well as Computex. The successor to the world famous Kone[+], the Kone […]

ROCCAT Power-Grid lets you control your PC with your smartphone
[CeBIT 2012] Remember ROCCAT’s “Isn’t PC Gaming Dead?” campaign it held awhile ago? It turns out that the images of smartphones being used on the website were more than just a way to display comments. Today ROCCAT introduced Power-Grid: a smartphone app that is designed to take PC gaming to the next level. Essentially a big slap in the face to Razer (see the Razer Blade), ROCCAT Power-Grid lets anybody […]

ROCCAT Savu gaming mouse announced
ROCCAT, the company behind the “Isn’t PC gaming dead?” website has announced the launch of a new gaming mouse designed to “dominate its class of optical gaming mice”. Called the Savu Mid-Size Hybrid Gaming Mouse, it features a true 4000 dpi optical sensor, Easy-Shift[+] technology for advanced button configuration, and a 16.8 million color lighting system to customize your mouse. The Savu is also the world’s first mouse to feature […]

ROCCAT Studios asks "Isn't PC Gaming Dead?"
While Razer has been keen on revitalizing the PC gaming world with its “PC gaming is not dead” website and the launch of Project Fiona, it looks like ROCCAT Studios (another PC gaming peripheral manufacturer) has decided to do its part for the cause as well. ROCCAT Studios has just launched a new website aptly titled “Isn’t PC Gaming Dead?” On the page is an on-screen entry form where users can […]

ROCCAT Velvet Donut Earpads ship with Kulo headset
Did you manage to pick up the Kulo gaming headset from ROCCAT? If that is the case, then you might think about accessorizing your Kulo headset with the ROCCAT Velvet Donut Earpads. Offering gamers a spanking new option for customization purposes, the new donut-shaped earpads will boast an ultra-soft fabric which delivers a high level of comfort, regardless of how many hours you have spent sitting in front of the […]

ROCCAT Studios to make US debut in 2012
ROCCAT Studios is no stranger when it comes to gaming peripherals. A few months ago the company released the Isku – a highly customizable gaming keyboard for the PC that allowed gamers to instantly remap their keyboards with the press of a button thanks to its Easy-Shift technology. Unfortunately the keyboard was only made available in Europe and Asia and ROCCAT Studios plans to change all that.Today, the company announced […]

ROCCAT Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard is highly customizable
Looking for a new keyboard to suit your gaming needs? The folks over at ROCCAT have recently released in Germany, the latest addition to its gaming keyboard line up – the ROCCAT Isku. The ROCCAT Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard features a menacing-looking design, with keys that are brightly illuminated with blue light (it has 6-levels of brightness and an off setting in case you’re not a fan of lights).

ROCCAT Apuri USB hub
Want a really futuristic USB hub that will make you the envy of those at the office? The ROCCAT Apuri USB hub fits the bill then, boasting a quartet of easily accessible USB 2.0 ports. You get three legs propping this device up, while the Apuri’s high posture enables it to manage cables in a clean manner. There is also the added effect of a special abduction style LED light […]