We know that there are tablets designed for kids, but what about netbooks? Well if you have a child in need of entertaining, Samsung may have the solution for you in the form of the NC110-Pororo netbook, a somewhat affordable netbook that has been aimed at the children’s market, although we guess adults could use it too if they didn’t mind the cartoony images that adorn the lid of the netbook.

For those unfamiliar, Pororo is a popular cartoon character from South Korea, and apart from the character (and other characters from the series) being displayed on the lid of the netbook, a total of 114 episodes of the cartoon series, “Pororo puzzle” games and ”Pororo painted play” will come loaded on the netbook as well. This is as far as its kid-friendly features go.

In terms of its hardware, the NC110-Pororo does not differ greatly from its regular netbook counterparts. The portable device is expected to feature a second-generation dual-core Intel Atom chip, a 10.1” display, HDMI, WiFi and will weigh 1.17kg (2.57 pounds). It’s not overly expensive and will be priced at ₩509,000 (~$452) and is expected to start shipping come 6th February 2012. No word if it will be available outside of South Korea.

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