Sony’s incoming CEO Kazuo Hirai, intends to change the way the company moves forward, departing from the gadget-centered strategy earlier and working on the idea of linking both hardware and software via online networks. This should be familiar terrritory for him, as it is the same kind of model that he used when he was heading Sony’s PlayStation unit. At the moment, he will continue to focus on paring costs at its TV unit, and will attempt to recalibrate expenses in other departments so that Sony can register a profit as soon as possible.

According to Hirai, the Sony Computer Entertainment model “is a bigger concept we can grow into a bigger space. Hardware drives software and software drives hardware.” Sounds profound, so here we are wishing Hirai all the best in his attempts to steer the huge Sony ship back to the waters of profitability. Does this mean we will be seeing smarter TVs from Sony down the road, where the level of interactivity will go beyond that which we are currently enjoying?

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