Are you a huge fan of the frenetic 3rd person shooter known as Starhawk? Those who have plenty of testosterone coursing through their veins will most probably fall in love with this game instantly, considering how there is a huge array of toys to play around with. A game can look pretty and all, but without a solid story, it won’t amount to anything unless the gameplay is top notch (ala Quake), and with Starhawk, you will get a strong solo story campaign, the mayhem of 32 players going head-to-head, as well as the chance to work in a team. Touted to be vehicular combat at its finest, many folks have asked the question, “What is this thing called Build & Battle?” To put it simply, it is the simplest method to build up a base all around you while remaining right smack in the middle of a fierce battle. I suppose since a picture speaks a thousand words, you might as well watch the trailer above and get the gist of it.

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