WASD KeyboardsEver had an idea for the keyboard of your dreams but never found anybody to make it for you? Well, it looks like WASD Keyboards is the solution to your problem. The company specializes in customizable mechanical keyboards that feature Cherry MX switches. While you can’t change the shape of the keyboard, you can choose to customize every single key on the keyboard. From the alphabets, to the function keys and the scroll lock key – each one can be completely customized by you.

You can choose what you want to appear on the keys; if you feel like having blank keys – go ahead. If you’d rather have symbols instead of text, you can. You can even change the text on the keys to something else if you’d like to confuse people who use your computer. Text can be laser etched or engraved, depending on your preferences. There’s a whole lot you can do to make the keyboard you’ve always wanted.

Prices start at $129.99 for a blank keyboard, with laser etched or engraved keys costing $139.99 and a combination of both for $149.99. Additional artwork etc will be priced accordingly; basically, the more fancy your customizations the more you’re going to have to pay. Sounds like a pretty good idea, especially for folks who can’t find a keyboard on the market that they like. Check out WASD Keyboards for more details.

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