AT&T logoDon’t you just hate it when companies offer something only to have the fine print declare a rather restricted list of terms and conditions that suffocate the original benefits of a product or service? When it comes to mobile companies’ data packages, throttling is definitely an issue with users. So much for “unlimited” data plans, eh? AT&T has stepped forward to clarify their data throttling policy for users who are on unlimited plans. Basically, if you tend to get your mobile surfing fix over AT&T’s 3G network, your data speeds will be reduced once you go past the 3GB mark. If you prefer to surf on the 4G LTE information superhighway, then speeds will be throttled after 5GB.

These changes were introduced after plenty of users were unhappy at AT&T for throttling user speeds after just 2GB thereabouts of use. Originally, AT&T mentioned that their throttling policy will see a reduction in speeds for the top 5% of users in a given area. I sometimes feel that companies should get a taste of their own medicine. For instance, those who offer a “best effort” basis in terms of Internet speed and uptime should also be on the receiving end of a “best effort” basis by consumers to pay.

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